Make Yourself Sparkle With Stunning Jewelry

Visit our mobile women’s boutique in Casper, WY

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful necklace or an eye-catching bracelet, you’ll find them at Penny's Purses, Bling & Decor.
We’ve traveled around Casper, WY for years, offering a variety of women’s fashion and accessory items at affordable prices. All of our pieces are selected for their uniqueness and charm.

Once you step inside our mobile fashion boutique, you’ll wonder why you didn’t look us up sooner!

Shop the huge selection of jewelry at Penny's Purses, Bling & Decor.

One-of-a-kind items for your unique personality

Instead of settling for the kind of cookie-cutter jewelry found in impersonal department stores, peruse the pieces at Penny's Purses, Bling & Decor. We’re dedicated to finding different necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry items you’ll love showing off.

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